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“Finally – a Simple, Video-Based Guide That Shows You Step-By-Step How to Make BIG MONEY With Pokémon Cards (Collect ‘Em, Flip ‘Em, or Become a Long-term Investor)!”

… even if you know NOTHING about Pokémon, or don’t have a lot of money to spend upfront!

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Who Else Wants to Make Life-Changing Money... With Pokémon Cards?

Yes, I created this for someone like you… who’s not a card shop owner, rich entrepreneur, or Pokémon “expert.” Because now you can easily learn how to buy and sell cards for profit, build a money-making side-hustle, or even create a full-blown business. Let me show you it works:

  • Get my step-by-step system for making an income with Pokémon cards - even if you’ve never touched one before…
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Meet Your Guide, Behman “Beamer” Zakeri - the Guy Logan Paul Calls When He Has a Question About Pokémon Cards...

Since 1999, I’ve been buying and selling Pokémon cards for a living. This is because I discovered the ONE secret to selling a card for 2x, 3x, or even 10x more than I bought it for. I just do it over and over again. And while some people think it’s a funny way to make a living - I’ve been laughing all the way to the bank for DECADES...

  • I’ve bought & sold the rarest Pokémon cards on earth (I have one now worth over $1M)...
  • I’ve done millions in Pokémon card sales over the years (using a platform you probably use too)!
  • I've been referenced by Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) & Beckett for my expertise in Pokémon card grading...
  • I’ve signed multiple affidavits to serve as an expert witness in court cases about fake trading cards and Pokémon card fraud!
  • I made enough money for myself and now I want to help you do it too…

Until Now… Almost Nobody Knew the #1 Secret to Getting Rich With Pokémon Cards (But I’m Sharing it With YOU For the First Time Ever)!

Anyone can buy and sell a Pokémon card. But buying low and selling high is how you make money. For example, I once sold a rare Pokémon card for $22,877.77 (I almost tripled my money).

Even cards you get straight out of a $4 pack can sell for $1,000, $2,000, or even $5,000 - you just have to know my industry secret…

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Since early 2020, Pokémon card sales have gone wild! I’m breaking sales records, and seeing more people buy, sell, and trade as they rediscover their love for the game. The great thing about this? You can learn how to use the momentum and never before seen demand to make “quit your job” type income...

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“Beamer Taught Me How to Do This...”

- Logan Paul

In a recent LIVE stream video, Celebrity Influencer Logan Paul cracked open a $1M box of First Edition Pokémon cards! Over the past several months, I’ve been helping him find, buy, and sell some of the rarest and most expensive cards on the planet…

Take a look...

“Beamer taught me how to do this...” (See video at 25:48)

Here I am with Logan at my shop, Collector’s Cache, LLC!

Once You Learn My Closely Guarded Family Secret, You Can Use it to Find High-Demand Cards, “Flip” Them for Great Money, Or Even Invest Long-Term...

The secret to making SERIOUS CASH with Pokémon cards isn’t just about buying “old cards” or going on treasure hunts. It’s much simpler than that. It’s about using my 4-step system (a family secret since the 1990’s) to possibly turn a $100 or $200 card into a $1,000+ profit. I do this frequently and I’ll show you how to do it too…

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Ready to Get Started? Step By Step… I’m Revealing EVERYTHING!

Because I want to help you get started, I “extracted my brain” and put my over 20 years of experience on video for you. Every step. Everything you need to know.

From start to finish I’ll show you how to build a life you love.

Here’s what I’ll show you:

  • The “Pokémon Revolution” (& how you can easily take advantage of it)...
  • Pokémon Basics: everything you need to know about the game, the cards, and why they’re flying off the shelves!
  • Where to buy your cards (without getting ripped off)...
  • How a company in Newport Beach, CA can give you an unfair advantage over everyone else!
  • How to spot the difference between real cards & “fake” cards (only a few can do this properly)...
  • The secret to being able to set your own price!
  • How an $8k card sold for $22,877.77 (I nearly tripled my money)...
  • Types of cards, sets, & promos - all the little things you need to know to make a profit!
  • The #1 Family Secret to making money with Pokémon cards...
  • How to “flip” cards for quick cash!
  • Long-term investing (or, how to build generational wealth)...
  • How & WHERE to sell your Pokémon cards (using a simple platform you’ve already heard of)!
  • “The Big Ten”... get to know the cards you can always make money with…
  • English vs. Foreign cards & why it matters!
  • Making money with complete sets vs. “Treasure Hunt” cards…
  • How to predict hot cards before they “pop”!
  • “Miscut & Error” cards (what they are, where to find them, and why everyone WANTS them)...
  • My BIGGEST mistakes as a Pokémon investor (and how you can learn from them)!
  • How to be a “card condition” expert…
  • What’s a sleeve + why you need different types for different cards!
  • How to build your income with Booster Packs & Boxes…
  • The Big Three: Base Set 1st Edition VS. Shadowless VS. Unlimited!
  • The secret hiding in Dallas Texas that helps me turn $200 - $300 cards into $2,000 - $5,000 sales!

Start Building Your Pokémon Empire… Now!

  • Simple step-by-step blueprint!
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All THE TOOLS You Need to Find, Buy & Sell Pokémon Cards for BIG Profits

Here Are Some Questions I Get All the Time:

Why are you sharing your secrets with everyone? Why not keep it to yourself?

To be completely honest, I’ve already made great money over the past 20 years doing this (several million dollars). And now, since I've already built a great life for myself, I want to help others who are just starting out do this too. Yes, I’ll be creating competition for myself, but I don’t care. I want to help others. Plain and simple - I’m not trying to get rich with this course, I just want to help people.

How much time does this take?

I specifically designed this course to be a go at your own pace learning experience. There are roughly 30 lessons, and if you don’t have a lot of time you can just watch one a day, take notes, and learn little by little. Or, you could go through all of it in a few days. The pace is totally up to you.

Does it work with old cards only, or can I make money with new ones?

This works for all Pokémon cards, period (old ones, new ones, whole sets, or individual cards). As long as you use my family secret, you’ll be able to buy and sell cards for a profit no matter how old or new they are.

How'd you meet Logan Paul?

As you probably know, Logan Paul has almost single-handedly transformed the Pokémon industry. There’s no crazy story really, he just reached out to me on Instagram and asked me to call him. Now, we text, call, share ideas, Facetime, and talk Pokémon on a regular basis.

Who’s this course for?

This is for people who want to make money now and maybe start their own business someday. This is for anyone who wants to supplement their income or even replace it. This is for parents who want to do something WITH their kids and build something great together. This is for anyone anywhere who wants to make serious, life-changing money. If you can follow instructions, focus, and put in the time… you can do this.

If I have questions, is there someone I can talk to?

You can message me here, or reach out on social media :)

Why is Pokémon so popular right now?

When 2020 hit, lots of people found themselves stuck at home and bored. So what’d they do? They got out their old Pokémon cards and started playing. This reignited the world’s love for the game and caused people to get online and start buying cards. Not to mention, Logan Paul’s influence also helped fuel the flames. The demand created (and is STILL creating) an incredible opportunity for those who know how to take advantage of it.

Do I need a lot of money to start?

NO! You can start with just a few cards, a few packs, and what I suggest at the beginning as you learn - use the cards you already have. The great thing about this is that it DOESN’T take a lot of money upfront to do this. You can start with what you have and grow it at your own pace.

What kind of money can I REALISTICALLY expect when I get this course?

I've made millions over the years with my strategies, with 2020 and 2021 bringing in record profits. Now, I cannot promise that you’ll make ANY money with this. It’s 100% up to you. How hard will you work? How much time will you put in? I can’t control that. But I CAN promise that I’ll show you just about everything I know about buying and selling Pokémon cards for a profit. I hope this can help you or someone you know quickly earn a side income each month. And it can potentially grow from there into a full-time business and replace your income. How cool would that be?